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Men's Club Book Group
"The Jewish War" by Josephus
Wednesday, Feb 10th, 2010 9 AM

One East 65th Street

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josephus (AD 37 – c. 100), also known as Yosef Ben Matityahu (Joseph, son of Matthias) and, after he became a Roman citizen, as Titus Flavius Josephus, was a first century Jewish historian and apologist of priestly and royal ancestry who survived and recorded the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Josephus’ works give an important insight into first century Judaism. Josephus was an important in the Roman world for the Jewish people and culture, particularly at a time of conflict and tension. He always remained, in his own eyes, a loyal and law-observant Jew. He went out of his way both to commend Judaism to educated Gentiles and to insist on its compatibility with cultured Graeco-Roman thought. He constantly contended for the antiquity of Jewish culture, presenting its people as civilised, devout and philosophical. Eusebius reports that a statue of Josephus was erected in Rome.

Josephus’s two most important works are The Jewish War (c. AD 75) and Antiquities of the Jews (c. AD 94). The Jewish War recounts the Jewish revolt against Rome (AD 66–70). Antiquities of the Jews recounts the history of the world from a Jewish perspective. These works provide valuable insight into first century Judaism and the background of early Christianity. (Source: Wikipedia)


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